How to maintain your rims

Before you get into cleaning and polishing your rims, you’ll have to get rid of any brake dust that might be clinging to them. There are lots of dust cleaners available out there, but they’re not all are created equal. Always read the labels carefully. You do not want to cause damage to your rims by using the wrong chemical cleaners on them. Something as simple as soap and water does just fine too.

When getting ready to clean your rims using soft microfiber cloths are the best choice also grab a soft bristled brush that won’t damage the surface of your clear coat. And avoid acidic cleaners and wire brushes at any cost. If you’ve never done maintenance on your own rims, the first step is to make sure you know what kind of rims you have. Such as the material that they are made of, and any coating used on them can make a big difference in the products you choose for cleaning. Always make sure the products you use are safe for the rims you’re dealing with.

Polishing your rims can help increase the depth and gloss of them as well as remove minor surface imperfections. If your rims have a clear coat on them, then you can treat them the same as you would polishing your paint. If they consist of bare metal you can polish them using a metal polish to increase gloss and depth and remove minor imperfections.

When it comes to keeping your rims looking like new for long periods of time you want to make sure that they are always protected. While you can use a sealant or wax to protect your rims, there are some products that are designed specifically for your rims.