Coilovers FAQ – All about Coilovers

What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers are found on many vehicles, sometimes coilovers ca be used as a suspension option on new vehicles, many companies make aftermarket coilovers which give you different options to adjust the ride’s height and damping.

A coilover is a damper that comes with a coil spring that’s placed around it and are assembled as a whole unit. The coilover springs keeps the chassis from bottoming out, supports each individual wheel and reduces body roll when taking turns whe you are driving at a high speed.

Ultimately coilovers provide a smoother driving experience and give you the option to adjust your vehicle’s height.

How To Adjust Coilovers?

Coilovers come with two adjustment rings which are adjusted by turning them left or right depending on the vehicle’s height goal. These rings allow you to lower or raise your vehicle and they can be turned with an Spanner Wrench, this causes the coilover to reach the desired length that fit your projects purpose.

How To Install Coilovers?

First we have to remember that coilovers are made to replace the car’s factory struts, you will have to remove your wheels and reach the components that keep the struts secure to your car then you proceed to remove the volts that keep the vehicle’s control arm attached to the strut, once you removed these volts you can go ahead and remove the top strut’s attachment volts which are located at the top of the assembly and you can access these by opening your vehicle’s hood, you can’t miss these volts, they are very visible and accessible, once removed you can install the coilovers caster plate, from here you can go ahead and secure the coilovers just the same way you disassemble the struts. Its a simple process but, it takes time to get the job done.

If you are not a grease monkey you can get them installed by a professional in a car shop (the cost may vary from place to place).

What Do Coilovers Do?

It’s simple, coilovers hold the weight of the vehicle, in this case they can help improve the driving experience by making your car feel more smooth as you drive it around, the stability and handling feel better when it’s compare with the stock shocks that all vehicles come with.

How To Lower Coilovers?

Stock shock absorbers don’t allow you to lower your vehicle’s height, that’s why coilovers come in handy. Coilovers come with adjustment rings that you can simply turn left with a Spanner Wrench that is not included in the coilovers kit.When you turn this height set up rings the coilovers are able to extend or compress so, just make sure you are compressing your coilovers until you reach the desired low look you want your vehicle to have.

Don’t forget to line up all 4 wheels, that way you are running aligned.

How To Raise Coilovers?

Stock shock absorbers don’t allow you to rise your vehicle’s height, if you have in mind to rise your car then coilovers can help you with this task. You can do this just by using the same method utilized to lower the vehicle, in this case we are going to turn the adjustment rings to the right. When you turn the to right the coilovers extend and your vehicles height goes grater.

Again, don’t forget to line up all 4 wheels (get an alignment), that way you are driving straight at all times.